New Community website for elementary users is here!

Please….read this first

The new site is still work in progress and we encourage all new visitors to provide feedback and comments about what you like, what you don’t like and what you would like to see more of.

You MUST register to participate in  the forums and why not introduce yourself to other members while your there. The team behind the new site will listen to all your feedback and together we will make elementarynow even more awesome.  This is an inclusive community site and we value everyone thoughts and feedback

Important information

  • You will no longer be able to navigate reboot2elementary content
  • Social media sharing is not be enabled on during this beta (testing) period.  Our preference is to avoid further publicity (sharing) until we address some of the initial feedback.

What to expect…

  • All your favorite “how tos”, tutorials and much more
  • Keep up to date with the latest elementary news as well as featured editorials
  • Interact with other community members on our forum –a place where elementary users can help themselves by asking and answering questions. Or just say Hi!

Still here! what are you waiting for?      Go and see for your self

New Community Website – launch date set

The new community website for elementary OS users will be launched on Friday 16th June when this site reboot2elementary will be retired


Visitors of my reboot2elementary blog will the ability to access this great new website from noon Friday 30h May for an exclusive pre-launch period.

 The link will be here at noon GMT on Friday 30th May

This will is a testing period (beta) for the new site and I would encourage all visitors to provide feedback and comments and share what features and content they like and what they would like to see in the future. The team behind the new site will listen to your feedback then make it even more awesome before the official launch.

Thank you for visiting and supporting my blog. We look forward to providing a bigger and better service for all elementary users

Features to look out for

  • All your favorite “how tos” and much more

  • A blog – keeping you up to date with all the relevant news & feature editorials

  • Forum – A place were you can ask and answer questions and interact with other community members.

Note: Social media sharing will not be available until the 16th June

new community website coming soon for elementary users


I have been busy collaborating with other members on a new bigger and better website for elementary users

The new website will feature a wiki with all the “how to” instructions targeting everyone from beginner to advanced user

A blog to keep up with all the latest news and trends relating to elementary OS

And a forum where you can ask your questions and have them answered

Watch this space for more details

do you want elementary isis sooner? here’s how

Since Avi Romanoff released his short preview of elementary isis on 5th April the response has been overwhelming (2,000+ views on this site alone).  But this is just a drop in the ocean.  The video has gone viral and many influential websites have taken upon themselves to write up reviews, all of them with rave and very positive reviews.  However everyone asks the same question “When will isis be released?”.  Of course the typical answer is always “when it’s ready”. There is a way that we the community can make isis arrive quicker.

There are approximately 100 tickets open (code that needs attention) and Daniel Foré, one the elementary OS founders has been canvassing to raise bounties to pay developers to resolve these tickets  The bottom line is once these tickets are closed we the community get our hands on the isis public beta.  How cool is that?

You too can contribute  any thing from a bit of loose change up to whatever you want and it is as easy as popping over to to the Bounty source website and pressing the “Back this team” button.  Every dollar helps.

lets make isis great together!


Watch Dan’s interview with Bryan Lunduke to find out more